Most of us have what is known as a transponder key to unlock and start our car remotely. This is a modern convenience that most of us can’t imagine living without. Unfortunately, it is something that you may have to live without if you lose your key. Having the convenience of unlocking your car doors before you even get to your car is something that you may have only dreamt of years ago. Now it is a reality for most of us. The transponder key doesn’t just offer a convenient way to open and start your car but it also prevents your car from being stolen. Since the chip inside your car is programmed to only start when it communicates with your dashboard, it is difficult for someone to steal. Without the right code entered into the system, the car will be inoperable. You may need to rely on a Bronx locksmith from Bronx Auto Locksmith to make you a new transponder key if you cannot find yours.

That is only one resolution to your problem. We are here to provide some further suggestions when you lose your transponder key.

A Lost Key Chip

 You may have thought that your keys battery fell out but in actuality, it was your keys chip that fell out of your transponder key. Like we stated in the previous paragraph, you will not be able to use your key without the chip. The only thing you can do in this case is to call a locksmith to replace the chip and reprogram the key. The one thing we would strongly discourage you from doing is to turn to an auto dealership to replace your chip. They will likely charge you an arm and a leg. Besides paying an arm and a leg, you’ll have the expense of having your car towed. Don’t waste your time and money. Call a local Bronx locksmith, who can do the same for less.

Always Be Ready

 If you do not want to be inconvenienced for too long, you’ll need to be prepared for the possibility of losing your key. This only means that you have a backup plan in place in case you no longer have access to your transponder key. The most logical thing to do is to have a spare key. You can have a traditional car key made (if you can also use it with the model car you own) or transponder key. This will decrease the amount of frustration that you might experience when you cannot put your hands on your transponder key. When you have a spare key, it affords you the time you need to figure out where you may have misplaced your transponder key.

Getting a Key Online

 They sell practically everything online these days, including transponder keys. You can find a transponder key on eBay and later have it programmed by a qualified automotive locksmith in the Bronx. Only use the services of a reputable Bronx locksmith like the ones you’ll find at Bronx Auto Locksmith.